Thursday, December 11, 2014


The G.N Restaurant was inaugurated in 1950’s by Mr. Haji Ghulam Nabi and their sons Mr. Haji Muhammad Tariq, Mr. Hamid Mahmood and Mr. Haji Muhammad Amjad whose sincere efforts paved a way to make it a symbol of hygiene and quality. The original name of G.N Restaurant is Ghulam Nabi Restaurant on the name of Mr. Haji Ghulam Nabi.

Initially, it was a small tea shop but the devotion, determination, dedication and diligence made it possible to win the hearts and minds of people. Now G.N Restaurant has established its name in the city and started different new ventures in the same city with the name of “G.N BAR-B-Q House” G.N Banquet Halls” and “New Tariq Sweets and Ice creams” under the umbrella of G.N brand.

G.N Restaurant is known for its economical and quality products. At start, they were only offering Pakistani cuisine and targeting only the middle and lower class but as the business expanded and now they are also offering Chinese cuisine and targeting the upper class as well.

G.N Restaurant provides healthy food options for all people (middle, lower and upper class) some popular dishes include the “Daal Mash”, “Chicken siji”,"Mutton Korma" , “Chicken Biryani” , "Chicken Karahi" , "Mutton Karahi" , "Chicken Fried Rice" and “Chicken Shashlik ”. Beside this G.N Restaurant provides fresh salads (like Russian salad, Macaroni salad, Chana salad) and desserts (like Ice Cream, Ras Malai, and Rice Kheer) as well.In Winters G.N Restaurant offer new items in their menu like Pink Tea (or Kashmiri Chaye ) Soups (chicken Corn , Hot & Spicy) and Fish Items (Fish Finger, Fish Fry). The menu of G.N Restaurant has wide range of both unusual and classic economical dishes which appeal to wide and varied clients. 

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